RMS trajectories estimated using UFOOrbit

RMS trajectories estimated using UFOOrbit

Inital test of the new RMS option, the conversion from the FTP_detectedinfo file to the UFOOrbit R90 format csv file, were done on a dataset recorded from November 16 to 18, 2018, from Croatia.

Data from two RMS cameras, HR0010 and HR000A in Istria were used to produce CSV files which were imported into UFOOrbit. In order to recheck consistence with data from other Croatian Meteor Network (CMN) cameras, additional data from CMN Čiovo were used.

Ground projections image of multi-station meteors (red – RMS only, green – combined with CMN data).

Moreover, data collected from three nights show the Leonids radiant to be very compact, which makes us very confident about the quality of the data, as well as the conversion routine.

Radiant map.

All in all, we find this option as a very usefull one at least until RMS trajectory solutions become available.

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