How about urban observations?

How about urban observations?

Up to the moment, all observations we made were from moreless dark sites, so here are couple of images taken few days ago from the center of Pula, Croatia, population of around 70 thousand and lots of light pollution.

Visual limiting magnitude here rarely goes beyond +5M, during this night estimated to be around +4.5M. Despite the focus was not perfect, RMS detected 83 meteors during 11.5h of observations which makes more than 7 meteors per hour even with the first quarter Moon covering a part of the field of view for about 4 hours! Here are some highlights of the night:

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  1. Hi As the Coordinator for Birmingham Astronomical Society based at Aston University Birmingham UK . We are a huge city and very light polluted we are considering a Rasberry Pi meteor detection kit, will it improve our detections compared to standard UKMON systems we currently use?

    1. Hi John,
      yes, definitely. If you have a lot of light pollution, I recommend the 8-mm lens. The field of view is smaller, but the system will be much less affected by light pollution.

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