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Buy now

Wait, aren’t we an open-source project? What’s for sale then?!

Our software and instructions are 100% open source and free and they will always be.

However, a few vendors around the world are assembling the cameras according to our open instructions. They sell plug-and-play meteor cameras and provide support for those systems. In summary, you can buy a meteor camera from them that runs our open-source software and if you have any problems with it, they can help you. The GMN sees no profit from those sales and is happy to let the market forces fill a gap in what the GMN can offer.

If you want to build your own camera from scratch yourself, check out this link on our wiki page:

There are four vendors across the world:

Istrastream catalog (Europe/worldwide) (PDF)

The Istrastream crew: Damjan Nemarnik, Aleksandar Merlak, and Vladimir Jovanović with an all-sky camera.

Download the full catalog: PDF