IP-Camera by high ambient temperature

IP-Camera by high ambient temperature

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    Juergen D

    I use similar IP-Camera. IMX307 board. For this board I must mount own housing. With IMX291 I can use complete housing. Question ?
    With IMX307 I have good experience last hot summer. The power comsumption of IMX307 are 1.5W and the housing is a little bit greater than IMX291. I measure the power consumtion of IMX291 are 2W and the temperature in the housing are 10 Degree higher than ambiant. I see that IMX291 has a second board for POE with Electrolyt Kondensators. My experience with this type of condensators by high ambiants are bad. For information, IMX307 is one board without electrolyt condensators.

    Do you have experience with IMX291 at high temperature?.
    By summer and 40 Degree ambiant and sun shining the surface temperature of housing higher than 60 Degree. Plus 10 Degree internal temperature, we have 70 Degree. Maximum temperature condensators 65 degree.

    Regards Jürgen


    Hi Jurgen,
    sorry for late late reply, I recommend directing questions to our mailing list: https://globalmeteornetwork.org/

    There is a network of 30+ of these cameras in Albuquerque, New Mexico that successfully survived all summer there, and they reguraly get +40C weather.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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