Excited to build one

Excited to build one

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    I have been looking around at other solutions, and I am so excited to find this, and hopefully it grows to a true Global Network…

    I have a spare Raspberry Pi 4 I intend to play with and have some questions….

    1. Why not use a standard Pi Camera and Module – its not a bad camera really and for the cost of entry it would make it easier for others to start playing here…

    2. What libraries do I need… what do I need to install.. I have seen in the blog posts mention of SD card, size, possible hosting – but nowhere have I found a guide on what to do to set it up – without going through the code – do I need maria db or other things.. So unless I have missed something I have not found a guide to setup, install and run it… just the git library – but that’s only one part of it…

    3. If I have to use the IMX291 that’s fine – they appear relatively cheap to purchase a basic board and lens… But I notice most boards are only 2MP or so… Quite low res for these days… Even the Raspberry Pi has 8MP.. So the IMX291 is a few years old now, is there something better that can be used ? A later model with higher resolution ? Your probably going to say the resolution does not matter – and maybe it does not…

    4. The location I plan on placing it has no or very little light pollution – so I would really like to try a wide angle / fish eye lens – 160degrees or so… What lens / camera operation would you suggest or specs to look for. Your blog says you were experimenting with this – but there was no real updates.

    5. Anyone else in Australia running this yet?

    I am sure I will have some other questions – I am off on holidays in a couple of weeks, so I just want to get everything organised to go ahead with this upon my return.



    Sorry for the late reply, I don’t usually monitor this forum too much.
    Would you mind redirecting this question to our mailing list, and I’ll answer it in detail there: https://groups.io/g/globalmeteornetwork


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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