Build & Install & Setup your camera - The complete how-to

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Howdy future GMN camera operator! You will find here all the information needed to build a camera, install the software, set up a camera and where to mount it and point it. For your convenience the how-to is divided into different sections, logically grouping the steps. Let’s have a look at the steps needed to get your camera built and in production.
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Let's have a look in detail at what to expect in each section now:

Shopping list and tools needed will help you prepare the shopping list of parts, give you some options and give you the list of tools you will need to continue. This is the most important section as all the preparations usually use to be and after ordering the parts it will give you time to check the other steps, if not already done. It will take around 1 month for the parts to be delivered (depending on your geographical location, time of year and some luck).

Building the camera itself will guide you step by step in building a camera itself.

Installing OS onto a Raspberry Pi will show you the easy way to get an Operating system, in our case customized Debian Linux onto your SD card or USB device.

Focusing a camera, and the first tests will help you cable the camera for the first time, do the preliminary focusing and test the whole system.

Installing a camera into the position will show you options, hints and some requirements for installing your new camera into position, pointing it to the sky, and finalizing the cabling.

The last steps will be the final section, which will lead to a successful putting camera into the production stream on the server side. You will need to provide some information to the GMN team, generate ssh keys, and wait for the clear night.

Optional steps will provide you with some advanced and optional steps, like setting up the VPN or uploading your daily data to the istrastream servers, so you can have a quick look in the morning at your data easily.

Announce your fancy new camera to the community give you the possibility to get to know your fellow camera operators, and the GMN team and get more engaged in the GMN, a really friendly and helpful community, networking with people is important, isn’t it?

VIDEO: Complete camera build video instructions - 01/2024 version guides you step by step in your camera build with video instructions.

That’s it, GMN camera operator, you did it! Congratulations. Now it is the time to have a look at what your camera can do, what you can do with your data or get involved in some of the projects, improvements, outreach or wiki updates or simply observe meteors captured by your camera in the morning! We are glad to have you on board.