Graz, Austria delivery

Bundesrealgymnasium Kepler Graz, Austria

Another camera kit delivery took place in the Austrian’s second-largest city of Graz. Radim Stano delivered the kit to Bundesrealgymnasium Kepler Graz, Austria on the 24th of August, 2023. It was another pleasant visit to the school in the centre of Graz located in the historical building. As the only high school in Austria, BRG Kepler has its own observatory on the roof, see picture, with some great astronomical equipment I had the opportunity to see. The picture was taken inside the observatory as well. The enthusiastic teacher, who will work with his students on the project is Mr Norbert Steinkellner, a teacher of Science, physics and astronomy. Mr Steinkellner teaches the astronomy course and he is also the founder of Das Kepler Teleskoptreffen (Kepler Telescope Meeting) for youth in Austria. Oh yes, BRG Kepler Graz will be the first in the whole of Austria to operate a GMN camera! Exciting news!
More about the school can be found here (in German):
BRG Kepler Graz’s website
BRG Kepler Graz’s observatory website
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