Materials & How to Participate at your own pace

How to Participate at your own pace

We created the Outreach project with flexibility in mind and therefore you can choose what fits your students, what you really need is a camera or camera parts (for building from scratch – cheapest and funniest option where students will learn the most ) and free materials. You should continue in this order:

1) Download and study materials (see below)
2) Let us know about you and your school or organization (optional)
3) Order camera parts or the whole camera
4) Install it according to this guide
5) Work with materials – do it all or choose what fits you – they are modular and flexible (the link is below)

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact page and we will come back to you.

Our materials

We prepared materials accompanying a camera build, where you find three modules – Astronomy, RMS tools and Computer Science module. These modules are accompanied by the Task, games and competitions document, which will introduce real problems and tasks to solve, competitions we propose and games we collected for you. All are bound to a camera operation and astronomy and meteor science, just choose what is interesting for you!

We are publishing the materials as we have them ready, you can download them below in one zip archive:
All materials in one zip archive