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Buy now

Wait, aren’t we an open source project? What are we selling then???

So our software is 100% open source and free and it will always be like that!

We are selling ready to use meteor cameras and support for those systems. Basically you can buy a meteor camera from us that is running our open source software and if you have any problems with it, we can help you. For money. Hey, we gotta eat!

If you want to build your own camera from scratch, send us a message and we’ll send you a list of parts!

We have a North American branch located in Canada, and an European branch located in Croatia. We are also shipping world wide, but please make an enquiry first.

Here is a Quick Start guide which will give you basic instructions how to set up your camera after purchase: LINK.

European catalog (PDF)

The Istrastream crew: Damjan Nemarnik, Aleksandar Merlak, and Vladimir Jovanović with an all-sky camera.