FSG-Preetz’s DE000V is online!

Preetz, Germany

On March 1st the astronomy class of FSG-Preetz finally had first light as contributors to the GMN network.

Having worked on the project since early September, and finally being able to install the camera on December 22nd, our group’s excitement was palpable as we realised that our efforts had finally paid off. As the camera was delivered as a kit, the first upload took some effort. Our group put in many hours of extra-curricular work to solve the problems along the way. Over the past six months, us students have learnt a lot about how the Raspberry Pi, the network and the IP camera work.

Now that the camera is up and running, we are happy to say, that DE000V is now part of the wider GMN network. This makes us the first group of students to successfully upload data to the GMN server. With that our focus now shifts to astronomical analysis of the data.

Our documentation can be found here (in German) : http://wiki.linux-astronomie.de/doku.php?id=ceres
Here you can find the archive of successful data uploads to the GMN-server: https://globalmeteornetwork.org/weblog/DE/DE000V

Post wirtten by; Jarik Stejskal and Lönne Hoppe