“First Light” through the meteorite camera of Gymnasium Untergriesbach

Gymnasium Untergriesbach, Germany

After several weeks of tinkering and research, on the afternoon of October 24th the time had finally come: There was “First Light” through the meteorite camera, and it looked into many happy faces.
Since the meteorite camera is not a finished product but was handed over as a kit with standard components, there was a lot to learn for the students involved. Especially for younger people, the know-how required for building the camera should not be underestimated. With the help of the instructions provided by the Global Meteor Network Outreach Project and the active support of the teacher, the construction of the camera went smoothly.
Through this project, students also learn how to use the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, gain experience with network technology and gain insights into digital photography.
The next milestone is the final assembly of the device and its placement near our school’s observatory dome. Particular attention will be paid to appropriate power and network supplies outdoors, as well as good weather protection.

Post written by Alfons Niederhofer