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Howdy! What about watching a video of a real camera build?

Please note the following

The video instructions kindly created by Dave Jones are dated 01/2024 and are actual to this date. They may differ a bit from the documentation we prepare and maintain and contain UK specifics. As time passes we update our documentation and bring an improved version of the OS image and it is easier to update the documentation than to create a new video reflecting the changes, so please be sure to read the documentation upfront and consult it in case something is different or outdated. Nevertheless, this does not decrease the value of the video series and it graphically guides you through a camera build. Thank you, Dave Jones!

RMS (1) Camera and Housing setup

RMS (2) IMX291 Camera setup

RMS (3) Installing the RMS software onto your Pi

RMS (4) How to assemble the parts.

RMS (5) Using the software and finding your data

RMS Camera System - Backup and Restore

Congratulations! You build your own camera from scratch! It is fully operational now - enjoy the data every morning! Back to the signpost page.